Additional instructions for Pizza Box Fliers:
1- Mount your engine first.  If you have an adjustable engine mount (VMAR style), use it, but it is NOT necessary.
2- Mount your fuel tank, using the hooks with rubber bands to hold it down.  Place foam under the tank to limit vibration - resulting in bubbles in tank.
3- Mount receiver directly behind tank in midline.
4- Mount engine servo next to, but slightly in front of receiver
5- Mount battery pack on opposite side, similar location as throttle servo
6- Attach elevon control arms
7- If you want the leading edge tapered, go out 2" from motor mount, angled down to 5" from leading edge
8- Balance point should be 5 1/2" from leading edge
9- Easiest location for elevon servos is center of elevons.  Move servos up or back to balance plane.